Opal Yoga joins Posture.

Opal Yoga classes are now offered at Posture Studio. Be on the lookout for new additions like a yoga rope wall and new classes on the schedule that focus more on form and functional movement. For a full list of classes, go to opalyoga.com

How This Benefits You
Teaching yoga with a focus on form and function allows you to safely approach your practice while increasing strength for your daily tasks. Gear up to hear more individualized alignment cues in your classes and see how this approach affects your practice. When working with instructors who can offer cues for YOUR body in a class setting, and by learning how to functionally approach your practice, what you gain from your hourly practice can be applied to your life.

How to Find Opal.

We are located at 218 West Market Street.

Opal Yoga is located on the Market Street side of the building. Posture Studio Pilates is located on the downtown mall side of the building, to the left of the Artful Lodger.

Parking Info.

Posture Studio has 8 parking spaces in the large adjacent parking lot. Please note that Posture Studio spaces are reserved for Posture Studio Pilates clients during Posture Studio business hours. You may park in those spaces if Posture Studio does not have a class but please do not park there during Posture Studio class times. 

If you arrive during a time when Posture Studio classes are not in session, you may use the Posture Studio spaces. If you arrive before 10am or after 6pm, you may also park in the Artful Lodger spots.

Please note: In the evenings and on the weekends, parking attendants are sometimes present. If this is the case, you may be charged for parking in spaces not marked for Posture Studio.

If you need ideas for places to park, please contact us.


Want to Become a Yoga Teacher?

Opal Yoga is offering it's 3rd Yoga Alliance approved 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Karen Thomas & Liz Reynolds. Training begins January 2018!