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"I'm definitely standing a little taller."

There are so many benefits I have noticed since starting on a regular pilates schedule. My balance and flexibility have improved with a strengthened core and as a result of the small, fine tuned corrections the teachers have shared, I have been able to really pay attention to my form so that I can focus on strength and isolating smaller areas for better mobility. I've always been a gym goer, but the hour that I spend in a pilates class really connects me with my body in a more deliberate way. Every time I come to a class I feel both challenged and as though I have had a terrific massage simultaneously. I'm definitely standing a little taller these days and what I have taken from class translates to how I move through my day, ride in a car, sit at a desk etc. I feel armed with the tools to adjust my posture when away from a class and can often relieve any discomfort I feel on my own. I LOVE it!— Grier Runyon Murphy, Realtor at Nest Realtor Group

This is why i don’t have to go to the chiropractor.
— Megan Braverman, Physical Therapist