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“My back pain is gone ... the instructors make you feel loved.”

“My yoga teacher, whom I trust, talked about the benefits of Pilates and invited me to have a postural evaluation by Carla. Within ten minutes in that eval, I realized much of what I'd been taught about holding my shoulders and chest and hips as a male, was all wrong, and a likely contributor to my episodic back pain. So the reasonable next question, was now what? 

“I continue to take classes because 1) My back pain is gone, 2) My awareness of how may body works and what is proper alignment is growing, 3) the variety of classes and their creativity keeps things interesting, and 4) the instructors take time to understand your limitations and goals and give individualized feedback when necessary. I guess that's technical speak for "the instructors make you feel loved.

“I like it when we combine yoga posses with the movement of the reformer. And who doesn't like jumping on the trampoline?” 

Dargan Coggeshall, Learning Rx Charlottesville