Pilates Equipment Classes 


Most equipment classes utilize the Pilates Reformer but may also use the Tower, Pilates Chair, or Rope Wall. The use of Pilates equipment is unique as the machines are spring loaded, making exercising easier on the joints. The equipment also offers feedback in a different way than traditional forms or exercise equipment. Quite often, less weight makes an exercise more difficult. The machines are also moving surfaces which is great for improving balance

Equipment classes range from rehabilitative classes to advanced athletic classes. Our easy online sign-up allows you to sign up on your own but we will make suggestions about which class best suits your needs.

Pilates equipment classes are sold in several formats.

  • Monthly Contracts offer the best deals for those who come in more than 1x/week. There are Basic, Premier & Unlimited Monthly Contracts, each offering a greater discount based on how many times you come in.

  • Class Packs are best for those who come in 1x/week or cannot commit to a consistent schedule. Class packs come in 4 or 12 class packs.

  • Drop-In Classes You can also pay the drop-in class rates.

Pilates Equipment Rates

New Client Specials: Choose one:
4 Class Pack – $100 ($25/class), or
Second Class FREE (purchase 1 class, get second class free)

Regular Drop-In Rates
Equipment – $35/class
Equipment Student Rate – $25/class

Class Packs: For those who come in 1x/week or less; Exp 6 months.
4 Class Pack – $132 ($33/class)
8 Class Pack – $256 ($32/class)
12 Class Pack – $360 ($30/class)
24 Class Pack – $672 ($28/class)

Monthly Contracts: Great if you come in 2 or more times/week. This is a monthly auto-pay and can be placed on hold when needed.
Basic: $240/month for 8 equipment classes ($30/class); $28 for additional classes and $15 for mat classes
Premier: $336/month for 12 equipment classes ($28/class); $25 for additional classes and $12 for mat classes
Unlimited: $360/month for unlimited for ALL classes at Posture Studio (Pilates equipment, Rope Wall, Pilates mat, Pilates/yoga, meditation, etc)

Apprentice Classes
4 Class Series - $80 ($20/class)
Note: See the schedule for Apprentice Classes.

New client specials are for new clients only; not to be used with new client private specials.

Non-Equipment Based Classes

Monica Teaching Pilates/Yoga Fusion

Monica Teaching Pilates/Yoga Fusion

Posture Studio offers mat based classes including Pilates/yoga fusion, Pilates/barre fusion, Pilates mat, myofascial release, meditation and primal movement classes. Some classes are based on levels ranging from beginner to advanced. Other classes are for students of all levels. 

Our mat based classes do not follow a particular format. The same class might change weekly, so the classes are always a bit different and never boring. One week, your class may involved more standing work while another week might include light weights and props. These classes are a wonderful compliment to your regular exercise routines or a great way to take classes with our highly trained instructors at a lower rate.

At Posture Studio, the principles of movement are always taught before going through more strenuous exercises. This creates informed classes that offer insights into how to improve strength and range of motion while also caring about injury prevention. All sessions are based in functional movement practices that will improve strength and mobility.

The Yoga Rope Wall. We have several classes dedicated to the yoga rope wall while other classes (like yoga a Pilates tower) will incorporate them into parts of the class. These classes utilize yoga ropes attached to a wall, and the combination allows you to go deeper into your practice while maintaining better alignment and activate muscles you typically might not feel in a traditional yoga class. You will love this!

Mat Class Rates

Mat classes include Pilates mat, Pilates/yoga fusion, Pilates/barre fusion, myofascial release, primal movement, and meditation classes.

Drop-In Rates
$15/class for students

Class Packs
6 Class Pass – $90 ($15/class; 6 month expiration)
12 Class Pass – $168 ($14/class; 1 year expiration)
24 Class Pass – $312 ($13/class; 1 year expiration)

Private Sessions! (also available in discounted packages)
Yoga or RopeWall – $90/hour
Myofascial Release – $90/hour
Duets & Trios – ($45/person)
Small Group Classes – $90/hour; Class maximum 6 participants; call to book

Rope Wall sessions to stretch, strengthen and realign.

Rope Wall sessions to stretch, strengthen and realign.

Yoga, Rope Wall, Pilates Mat and Barre classes are sold individually or in bundles.