Liz holds a MFA in dance from Temple University in Philadelphia and has studied movement in various forms for most of her life. Liz has been a dancer in companies in New York and Philadelphia, and is currently an adjunct professor for dance at Piedmont Virginia Community College. She also enjoys teaching other forms of movement including both yoga and Pilates.

Liz first discovered Pilates as a way to deepen her awareness of mind/body techniques and anatomical knowledge, and continues to study movement analysis and postural retraining techniques.

In 2005 while dancing for a company in New York City, Liz received her comprehensive Pilates certification at Sal Anthony's Movement Salon, a program which encouraged developmental dexterity. While earning her masters in dance at Temple, Liz also began practicing yoga and fell in love with the physical, mental and spiritual journey that each practice offered.

Liz offers a unique perspective on movement. She has the aesthetic eye of a dancer, the postural and anatomical knowledge of a Pilates teacher, and the calm and clear presence of a yoga practitioner. Liz offers her students a wide range of information and we are happy to welcome her to the Posture Studio team.