New Client Specials for Pilates & Movement Retraining

New client specials are a great introduction to Posture Studio. Great for pre and post rehab, movement retraining, or a less expensive way to learn about Pilates before starting classes. We offer specials for private sessions and for classes. 

If you are brand new to Pilates you will want to sign up for the Introductory Privates of 3 sessions. After the first 3 sessions, people chose to join classes or decide to stick with private sessions for a variety of reason. Some clients do a combo of weekly privates and classes.

If you are an existing Pilates student and want to take classes at our studio, try the Introductory Class Special. This will allow you to check out our classes

We see people of all ages and abilities: 


+ Professional athletes, retired athletes or the very athletic

A quick google search will show the number of professional baseball players, basketball players, golfers, runners, dancers, hockey players, etc, who incorporate Pilates into their training regimens. They know that Pilates improves performance and decreases injury.

+ Pre/post physical therapy

Posture Studio receives many referrals from PTs and doctors because people often need to continue focused work on movement retraining and core strength once released from the medical community. Most pre/post PT clients transition to classes as we do offer classes specifically for those who need more therapeutic attention.

+ Pre/post natal

We support women through pre/post natal transitions and know that this work restrengthens your body pre and post baby! Most prenatal clients are able to take classes until close to delivery. If you are postnatal, we recommend that you come back 6 weeks after childbirth, but this may vary per person. We always refer to your doctor before allowing transitions before 6 weeks, though.

+ Existing Pilates students

Pilates students who are new to our studio benefit greatly from taking introductory sessions. Each of our instructors are educated on form & function, so even the most seasoned Pilates student will find that the introductory sessions are eye opening and allow for an even more informed Pilates experience.

+ The Pilates curious

For those who are new to Pilates and are interested in transitioning to classes, privates are a great way to learn the basics and get the most out of your workout when you do join classes.


If you have questions about which instructor to see, feel free to call us. We will help you find the best fit for your needs.


Introductory Rates

Private Introductory Privates
$240 for 3 Intro Sessions with Founder, Carla Shifflett
$210 for 3 Intro Sessions with Senior Instructors Liz/Faith/Bettina/Heidi/Marianne Harman
$180 for 3 Intro Sessions with Instructors Elaine, Monica
$150 for 3 Intro Sessions Apprentice Instructors Meredith, Elizabeth

Introductory Duets for new clients only; must have a partner
$210 for 3 Intro Sessions ($35/class per person)

Introductory Class Special for new clients only
$100 for 4 Pilates Equipment Classes

Second Class FREE for new clients only
Pay full price for your first class and get your second class for FREE (Available for purchase at checkout in Mindbody; not to be used with the Introductory Class Special)

30 Minute Focused Private
Free (Contact the studio for details)

All introductory offers are for new clients only.
One introductory offer per person. 


Introductory Session

Most clients begin with an Introductory Package of 3 private sessions. These sessions focus on your individual needs. The introductory sessions are quite often a game changer as it allow the student to get the most out of classes and workout sessions, in or out of the studio. 

Teaching is a Gift

We believe that knowledge is power. We know that taking time to educate clients makes a huge difference. We teach by applying what you learn in classes to real life scenarios. We are dedicated to ensuring that you leave us feeling better and with the information you need to move better in life.