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What is Pilates?
"Pilates" is a term that refers to a set of exercises that were originally created by Joseph Pilates in the early to mid-1900's. Joseph Pilates believed that our modern life-style creates poor postural habits and inefficient breathing patterns, and that by correcting them, we can live pain-free, healthier lives. Pilates spent his entire life studying the human form and exercise. His resulting technique went on to influence the athletic and rehabilitative communities alike. 

Avid followers of Pilates included the mother of modern dance, Martha Graham, and dance director George Balanchine. Other followers include actors, acrobats, boxers, basketball players and more.

Until recently, Pilates has been one of the best kept secrets of the dance and entertainment industries. It has long been known in the performance world that Pilates is great not only for keeping your body in shape but also for rehabilitating injuries and maintaining endurance. Fortunately, Pilates has crossed over into the mainstream and is now being embraced by athletic trainers and rehabilitation practitioners alike. 

The beauty of Pilates is that everyone can benefit from the exercises. Whether a professional athlete, an elderly person or someone with rehabilitative issues, the technique is designed for all.
Posture Studio is a fully-equipped Pilates studio to provide well-rounded instruction and training.  Clients have access to Pilates reformers, stability chairs, a Cadillac and ladder barrel, as well as floor equipment.  Click on the images below for more information on specific pieces of equipment.
Pilates Equipment Available at Posture Studio
Stability Chair
Posture Studio is a fully-equipped Pilates studio.  Come visit us on Charlottesville's Downtown Mall.
218 West Market Street     434.293.7611