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Why our clients come back...
​The instructors at Posture Studio take special care to understand the unique needs of each client. Whether a client needs post-rehabilitative strengthening or wants to become a better athlete, the instructors have the patience and knowledge that it takes to help each client reach their goals. We love our work (and our clients) and it shows.
I originally started going to Posture Studio because of severe diastasis (separated abdominal muscles) after my third pregnancy. The work not only helped me address and repair the issue, but has made me much more aware of how my body moves in space. I have learned to breathe, stand, walk and run differently thereby improving my body's efficiency and posture.
-Elvira Tate Hoskins, Veterinarian and Mother
After years of struggling with the results of a complicated soccer-injury, Carla was the first person who truly helped put me back on the road to recovery. Her compassion for people and genius for understanding the human body radiates out as true gift for every person who gets to work with her. Having spent years of disheartening visit after visit with doctors and physical therapists, Carla's work stands out as an emblem of where our health care system is lacking. With education and proper movement she humbly puts life back into bodies in the most hopeful and inspiring way.
-Kelly Stock, Certified STOTT Pilates Instructor, Student
The first improvement I noticed after only a few visits was that my asthma disappeared; I could now run in the middle of winter without chest tightening. The following months were followed with correcting my hunched back, loosening and regaining motion in my shoulders, readjusting my hips and strengthening my core. Exercising was enjoyable again. In addition to this, I went to Posture Studio throughout my pregnancy and did not experience many of the physical discomforts, not even sciatica or back pain. The day before delivering my son, I biked 3 miles and swam for 30 minutes all pain free.
-Melanie Dorion, Former Professional Cyclist, Medical Student
My weekly session is now much more than a work out; it is an enlightening study of biomechanics. With greater physical awareness, I can feel the correlation between poor form and muscle strain and compare it to good form, ease of movement and increased strength.y weekly session is now much more than a work out; it is an enlightening study of biomechanics. 
-Casey Williams, Project Sustainability Director
Posture Studio is a fully-equipped Pilates studio.  Come visit us on Charlottesville's Downtown Mall.
218 West Market Street     434.293.7611