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Class Schedule & Rates
Clients can choose from private or small group sessions in Pilates and postural retraining. Other private sessions include prenatal or postpartum conditioning. Mat classes are offered either in a series of classes or on a drop-in basis. All sessions and classes are by appointment only and are one hour in duration.

Learn more about our equipment or the benefits of small group training sessions.
Introductory Sessions
Initially, the instructor and client will look at posture and movement analysis. From there, they will move on to the mechanics of breathing and how this relates to posture and strength. Future sessions will depend on the goals and needs of the client. The instructor may continue to focus on strengthening and conditioning, or may focus on post-rehabilitative work. The client may also chose to move into semi-private or small group classes in Pilates. 

Private Sessions
Private sessions allow the instructor to address specific needs of the client. Some clients prefer private sessions for more individualized attention.
Semi-private Sessions (two to three people)
The instructor guides the students through a series of exercises on the Pilates equipment that best suits the needs of the clients. Some mat or the use of other Pilates equipment may also be incorporated into the session. Students are matched with partners that have similar needs in order to optimize the benefits of the session for each client.
Mat Classes (three to six people)
Beginner, intermediate and advanced mat classes are available. Mat sessions are a great compliment to any exercise routine as the classes are designed to stregthen and lengthen the body. Mat classes incorporate the use of balls, foam rollers and arc barrels.
Posture Studio is a fully-equipped Pilates studio.  Come visit us on Charlottesville's Downtown Mall.
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