Posture - An Obsession
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Posture - An Obsession

Benefits of Small Group Training

by Carla Shifflett on 11/22/11

Individualized Attention
Receiving individualized attention from your instructor is essential in any exercise class. Small group classes allow the teacher to give this attention and you benefit by receiving better instruction while saving money.

Beginning a new exercise program can be challenging and scary for a lot of people, and they often give up. One of the best ways to ensure that you stick to a program is to enter a small group class. The reason for this is that a small group class will offer you the support and encouragement that you may need to stick to a program.

Since other students are in a small group class, it's easier to see your progress as you see the group progress. Training with others can be a great learning tool. When teaching, we discuss correct movement patterns quite a bit. In small group classes, it's much easier for you to recognize correct movement patterns in others and then translate that to your own body.

It's much easier to stay motivated if you are exercising with a few people instead of a large group. Many people feel lost in a large group setting and give up. Likewise, private sessions are a bit to intimate for people. Small group sessions are the perfect solution. Small groups allow you to stay focused and on track while also having fun.

One of the biggest reasons that people drop out of exercise programs is that they don't have support. Everyone experiences times when they feel discouraged and want to give up. Small group classes offer the support that many of us need in order to stick to a program. Just having a few others there to share in your experience and encourage you can make all the difference.

Spend Time with Friends
Some people decide to get a group of friends who have similar exercise goals. Small group classes are fun and offer a greater sense of purpose and connection to your workout.

A Note on Posture

by Carla Shifflett on 11/21/11

At the heart of the philosophy at Posture Studio is the belief that understanding posture can change lives. We've seen it time and time again. A client walks into the studio who has been trying various exercise routines without success. Upon talking to them, it's clear that while they are doing the "correct" exercises to help their issues, they are not doing them "correctly". Understanding posture, whether sitting, standing, walking or exercising is key to creating a strong body that will last over time.

One of the questions that I ask clients on a regular basis is "What does fitness mean to you?" Is it the ability to run a marathon? Or to lift the heaviest weight? I guess it depends on your personal goals. At Posture Studio, we believe that true physical fitness is the body that lasts over time. That doesn't mean that we are against running the marathon or lifting the weight. We just recommend doing so with the awareness of how to do so without creating tension or injury. We want to run the marathon and lift the weight when we are 80 as well as 30. 

Our society places so much emphasis on exercising that we seem to forget a very important aspect of basic body mechanics: if you workout with poor posture, you are strengthening poor posture. Just because you exercise, whether it be yoga, pilates, cycling, running, or any myriad of sports, it does not necessarily follow that you are strengthening your body.

I know this doesn't make sense upon first hearing it but think about it. If you are exercising with poor form, you are actually deconditioning (creating less strength and more tension) in your body. We see it all the time. An athlete will come into the studio and, when placed in correct alignment while exercising, their muscles begin to shake almost immediately. This happens because they typically use momentum or tension to perform the exercise. When they slow down and study the movement, they are amazed at the difference better alignment makes. Once they begin strengthening their bodies in better postural alignment, they become much more efficient in their exercise routine. They run faster and longer, dance without tension and pain, or lift their child with ease. Slight changes really do make all the difference.

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